David Mattes, Founder & CEO, Asguard Networks

Mr. David Mattes founded Asguard Networks, Inc., in 2012 and serves as it Chief Executive Officer. He serves as Director of Asguard Networks, Inc. Mr. Mattes create products that address the challenge of managing connectivity and information security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Prior to Asguard Networks, he spent 13 years in Boeing’s R&D organization. At Boeing, he focused on ICS security issues, particularly on the challenge of segmenting connectivity for ICS devices into private networks and securely connecting them to and through Boeing’s Enterprise networks. Mr. Mattes served as co-creator and technical and implementation lead on an architecture that not only satisfied Boeing’s InfoSec governance and security requirements, but also met the needs of the end users. In November of 2011, Mr. Mattes was nominated for the Boeing R&D Engineer of the Year award. He received an MSEE from the University of Washington and a BSEE from the University of New Mexico.

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